Promoting Health and Safety for All Idahoans

Idaho Harm Reduction Project works to serve the drug using community of Idaho, as well as the general public by creating safe communities through evidence based programming, education, needle exchange and appropriate needle disposal.


Participant Survey

We are working to find resources and providers in communities across the state that are compassionate and non-judgmental towards people who use drugs. All information provided is confidential and will only be used to provide referrals and build support for harm reduction across the state.



We offer supply pick up at our office, delivery within the Treasure Valley, and mailed harm reduction supplies all across the state. If you or someone you know needs supplies, please call or text us or click on the link below.

*** If you do not have a permanent address or means of transportation, please call or text us so we can talk about alternative ways of getting harm reduction supplies.*** 



People who use drugs are often the first responders to an overdose. If you or someone you know uses opioids, carrying Naloxone and knowing how to administer it in the event of an overdose could save a life. Watch a quick training video below and we will mail you Naloxone.

***If you work for an organization that would like to have Naloxone on hand, either to administer in case of an overdose or to distribute to clients/patients, please call 208-991-4574 or email us at***



We provide sharps containers to every one of our participants. We also run a Found Syringe Hotline. If you have found a used syringe -- in your yard, a park, an alley, wherever -- we will pick it up and safely dispose of it for you. Please call or text us at 208-991-4574 or fill out the reporting form below. ***Must be in the Treasure Valley area.***



IHRP is interested in expanding our services to people who are engaged in sex work in Idaho. We honor the experience of those who engage in and choose this work, and would love more information so that we can better understand what services IHRP could provide. When we say sex work, we include all types of work including adult performers & content creators in porn, clips, & film, cam performers, dancers, street sex work, full service/ escorts, phone sex, pro-domme/dom work, erotica writers, educators, toy reviewers, distributors.

We want to provide harm reduction services and other services for sex workers with their input and feedback. To achieve this, we are asking folks to complete a survey. The information you share with us in this survey is solely for the use of Idaho Harm Reduction Project to develop services for our participants, and all the information is confidential. We are offering $10 via PayPal per person.



The Idaho Harm Reduction Project was started by three public health professionals, who saw a gap in services in their home community. Their aim was to create resources for drug users and their families and reduce harm throughout the state.

The Idaho Harm Reduction Project is proud to provide services related to Naloxone, syringe exchange, and syringe disposal. We aim to connect community members with resources both within our organization and throughout the community, meeting people where they are at.

Our office is located in Boise and is open Monday through Saturday, 2pm to 8pm. Text of call 208-991-4574 for more information.



Mission: Promoting health and safety for all Idahoans impacted by drug use through advocacy, harm reduction and evidence-based programming. 

Vision: Every person who uses drugs has the ability to make any positive change to their health and wellbeing. Idaho communities will be educated on sharps safety, proper disposal, and the possible health impacts of drug use. 

Values: Idaho Harm Reduction Project is based on social justice, public safety, and respect for people who use drugs.




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